What a man looks at in a woman the first time

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Between a few sweet words and languid glances, he lingered on many details! Here are the nine things men spot when they first meet.

Hundreds of studies have appeared on the subject: men and women don’t dwell on the exact details when they meet someone. To put the odds on your side, we disclose what our men spot the first time they see us. 

  • Your smile

So yes, of course, it’s slightly cliché, yet a woman’s mouth is the first thing these gentlemen look at. In addition to having significant sexy potential, it is also a good indicator of our mood! So ideal for knowing if they can strike up a conversation or if it is better to do it later. 

  • Your laugh

Here again, we flirt with the clichés of flirting. Except, laughter is an essential thing for men. First, because sometimes it is enough to share the same humor to fall in love, all it takes is a great burst of laughter to give them self-confidence.

  • Your eyes

Nothing revolutionary in this revelation either: men like to immerse themselves in the gaze of those they meet. First for purely aesthetic questions, then to probe their souls or to have the impression of doing it.

  • Your friends

“Tell me who you’re going out with, I’ll tell you who you are”: that’s what men say to each other when they see you in the distance laughing with your friends. Nothing is spared: their style, their volume, their attitude, their vocabulary … On the other hand, if a man approaches you and you end up going out with him, as much as he already appreciates your friends. No?

  • Your perfume

So there, it is more of a “human” reflex than a purely male character trait: the scent of the other. It’s one of the things that marks us the longest, much more than the clothes you wear or the color of your hair. So we do not neglect the scent of its shower gel, and we provide a bag spray just in case.

  • Your pumps with heels

When you talk to a man about women’s shoes, he has a worn look. However, when he crosses a pretty pair of pumps, it is quite another thing. Men love high heels, which give you a certain Jessica Rabbit confidence.

  • Your breasts

It’s not the first thing they look at or spot, but it would be a shame to think that men don’t look at a woman’s chest the first time they meet her. . Yet despite all this training, they’re still not quite sure how to distinguish between a busty chest or a fitted Wonderbra.

  • Your buttocks

As for the previous point, this is not a surprise: the gaze of men is inevitably drawn at some point in the evening by the behind of the young woman they have just met. Even if it is not so important: some will even go so far as to say that “it is a reflex.”

  • Your general attitude

Last thing men notice the first time they see a woman: her general attitude. Is she exuberant? Shy or, on the contrary, very sure of herself? In short, the energy that this woman gives off. An assumed self-confidence has a je ne sais quoi that is very attractive to men, but some also fall for a pouting and reserved pout.

Finally, after all that, we say to ourselves that men comprehensively analyze the one that makes them turn their heads even during the first meeting.  

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