Tricks to eat less without going hungry

Tricks to eat less without going hungry

The larger the plate, the more food will be placed to fill it. By using smaller containers, we can fool the brain and get full sooner.

One of the significant obstacles, when you want to lose weight is temptations or the desire to nibble on something. Although there are healthy ways to calm these cravings, we often choose unhealthy snacks and dishes. Want to learn some tricks to eat less without going hungry?

While it may seem impossible, several strategies avoid excessive calorie ingestion. Below we share the most effective ones so that you can implement them right away.

Seven tricks to eating less

1. Out of sight, out of sight

Girl refuses donuts.

One of the tricks to eating less without going hungry is to avoid foods that can be tempting. If you don’t see them, you will be less tempted.

It might be trivial advice, but the “out of sight out of mouth” strategy works. It has been proven that people who always have tasty foods to whip under their eyes weigh about one and a half kilograms more.

If you want to tease something between meals, choose healthy foods and don’t overdo the quantities.

2. Size of plates and cutlery

Just as the dishes we use affect the size of the rations, cutlery can determine the amount of food we put in our mouths.

One of the tricks to eating less without going hungry is to fool the brain. The reason is that by using smaller cutlery, we will eat slower and more petite. Nonetheless, it is essential to chew food well. Twenty chews are recommended for each bite.

3. Surround yourself with people who eat healthily

When eating away from home, it is more difficult to control the quantity and quality of meals. This situation can generate anxiety and moodiness because it is not possible to follow the diet correctly.

To avoid this, we advise you to surround yourself with people who eat healthily or on a diet like you to cope with this situation more quickly.

4. Reward yourself

Smiling girl eats ice cream.

It is not a question of following a restrictive diet but of not overdoing it. We can indulge in a dessert as long as it is occasional and in moderate portions.

The moment you start to suffer on a diet due to too many restrictions,  your goal is in danger, as you will soon give up.

It would help if you found ways to simplify your changes and awaken positive thoughts that prompt you to continue the diet.

Many times we think that to lose weight we must go hungry. The truth is quite different: it is not necessary to go hungry. The idea is to eat healthily and exercise.

If you exercise up to 4 days a week, you can ingest more foods. If you adopt this routine, you will lose weight, and your motivation will increase considerably.  Exercise has been proven to be one of the best fat-burning and body shaping strategies.

5. Tips for eating less: drink more water

Another very effective trick to eating less without going hungry is to drink a large glass of water before eating,  according to a study published in Clinical Nutritional ResearchThis habit will lead to satiety sooner.

Also, sometimes it helps to drink water when you have an overwhelming urge to eat. In this way, it can confuse the brain. However, avoid taking too much water. Otherwise, it could be counterproductive.

6. Size and color of the rations

The bigger the pot, the more you will fill it without noticing. By using a smaller plate, you also fool your brain and get full sooner.

If you have to eat small amounts of food, such as fruit or any other food, serve in a bowl that is not flat. The brain will have the perception of eating more.

As for the colors, we recommend that you always use plates of a color that contrasts the food served. The reason is that the brain will take less time to send the feeling of satiety.

In addition to this, keep in mind that the red and yellow colors induce you to eat faster, so use colors that contrast the food while bringing calm and tranquility.

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