The 10 secrets of great sex

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It’s time to forget: the constraints, the resentments, the frustrations, the habits. To write, in the lightness of time, regained a new page in your intimate history. More joyful, more accessible, more sensual, more creative. What is fulfilling sexuality? There are endless answers to this question. But no doubt only one will be unanimous: the one which, by fulfilling us, gives us the impression of being alive because sexuality is both energy and self-expression.

Go to meet, playfully and creatively, your desire and pleasure, starting by becoming aware of all that can block your development. As recreational as it is serious, this path has been marked out by our specialists’ advice and clinical experience. They alone know how fears, beliefs, inhibitions, and laziness or routine are the enemies of pleasure. They also know that sexuality is reduced to a machine without a fruitful imagination and an open and receptive body.

Close your ears to the little inner voices telling you that these are not a few exercises that will turn your intimacy into nirvana. These little voices are wrong. It is not a question of religiously following the experts’ recommendations but letting them resonate in you. Françoise Dolto gave a very nice definition of a party for children: “The party is freedom in security. “If we replace the word” party “with the word” sexuality, “it helps to understand that it is on this double condition that the imaginary can unfold, and the bodies loosen …

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