Face cupping, the new anti-wrinkle trend seen on TikTok

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After the Jade roller and the Gua Sha massage, the latest anti-aging trend hits TikTok: face cupping. Discover this natural technique to fight against wrinkles and skin aging…

We already know the suction cup to eliminate cellulite. But do you see the suction cup for the face that helps fight wrinkles and the signs of aging? It is the essential accessory for performing face cupping, an anti-aging technique that is all the rage on social networks, particularly on TikTok, a natural incubator of new beauty trends. 

What is face cupping?

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, face cupping consists of massaging the face with a small suction cup, specially designed for this purpose, stimulating the skin and give it a youthful look.

Through gentle and targeted massages, the cupping face increases blood circulation and promotes collagen production. It is, therefore, an easy and natural technique to effectively fight against wrinkles and skin aging.

What are the anti-aging benefits of face cupping?

Thanks to the suction exerted by the suction cup, the face cupping will carry out lymphatic drainage of the face, making it possible to eliminate the toxins present in the skin. The massages will increase blood circulation, thus boosting collagen production, essential for preserving its youthful capital. The skin will gain in radiance and tone: the complexion will be radiant, and the contours of the face will be firmer. In short, face cupping offers a natural facelift!

In addition to its anti-aging action, the cupping face also has relaxing powers since the passage of the suction cup will lift the skin tissues to release tension. The muscles are then relaxed, and the face looks rejuvenated. 

How to do the cupping face? 

Before starting the face cupping, it is essential to prepare the face well upstream. So, remember to clean your skin and apply an oil or a serum to allow the suction cup to slide on the front without damaging it. 

On the area of ​​the face you want to treat, gently suck the skin into the suction cup and then slide it from the inside to the outside of the face. Repeat all over your face, making sure to apply gentle pressure.

It is recommended to practice it 2 or 3 times a week. Beyond that, it can cause temporary redness, especially on sensitive skin. For this reason, it is advisable to do this anti-wrinkle technique in the evening, before bedtime.

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