Maintain the radiance of your skin in 6 tips

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Is your skin gray? Don’t panic; there are tips to regain radiance and luminosity quickly! We take stock with dermatologist Elizabeth Bousquet.

1. Moisturize your skin, but not only

We often hear it said that hydration is the sine qua non of healthy and luminous skin. “It’s true, you have to apply a cream daily , confirms dermatologist Elizabeth Bousquet. But to keep your radiance, you also have to treat your skin, that is to say take care of it . just put on a moisturizer but don’t remove makeup, don’t stimulate your skin, don’t work it, dead cells and impurities will accumulate on the surface of the skin. Consequence: we will have thickened skin, a dull complexion … Quite the opposite of what we want. ”

2. Cleanse your skin using your hands

Before spreading cream on your face, take the time to clean your skin well. Every evening, even if you haven’t put on makeup during the day, it is essential to drive out impurities (pollution, sebum, bacteria, etc.) to optimize cell renewal at night. “I like to recommend cleansers that apply with the hands (perfectly clean, of course) because this will stimulate blood circulation, relax the muscles … Important steps to maintain a radiant complexion “, adds the dermatologist.

3. Do after summer peels.

The peel is required in the fall to facilitate cell turnover. “We can see it when we come back from the holidays, the skin has thickened because we fell asleep a little bit on our beauty routine. We applied sunscreen all summer but we didn’t necessarily cleansed well and stimulated our skin. As a result, we have skin that is not beautiful, which after 15 days to 3 weeks becomes thick with dilated pores and a dull complexion “, explains Elizabeth Bousquet.

The solution? Sweep up all the dead cells” to refine the skin texture and allow the care to penetrate correctly, “continues the expert. We can then opt for a lotion based on fruit acids (AHA) to be used daily or as a cure to effectively remove the surface layer of the skin. Perfect for oily skin, AHA formulas are now well balanced and can be used by everyone,” except very thin and very reactive skin, “warns Elizabeth Bousquet. For the latter, we fall back on a unique scrub for sensitive skin, to be performed twice a month maximum.

4. Stimulate your skin with the right active ingredients

A dull complexion is also a sluggish skin , informs the expert. You have to stimulate and wake up your skin with active ingredients such as vitamin C which is a powerful natural antioxidant .” Very effective in blocking the harmful effects of free radicals, vitamin C stimulates cell renewal and improves skin regeneration and the complexion’s radiance.

We think of retinol to tone and highlight the skin around 50 on a little more mature skin that will tolerate it better. “We make sure to choose a formula that also contains hyaluronic acid because this active ingredient naturally present in the skin will restore a good balance in the dermis and compensate for the slightly irritating effects of certain molecules, “specifies the dermatologist.

5. Massage your skin every day

Touching your skin, massaging it, loving it… This is very important , continues the dermatologist. It will stimulate it and improve its elasticity, but it will also oxygenate it and revive the microcirculation. one makes the pink rise to the cheeks naturally. “If one can, of course, use his fingers (by carrying out, for example, circular movements or gestures of smoothing), one can also bet on the roller of jade which was formerly used in China by the empresses to preserve the freshness of their skin. Having become an essential beauty tool, it stimulates blood circulation and stimulates cell synthesis to improve the radiance of the face and the skin texture.

6. Take care of your lifestyle.

” To maintain the radiance of your skin, it’s not just cosmetics , specifies Elizabeth Bousquet. You must first start by treating it from the inside. The skin is an organ that will be influenced by our general state of well-being: take a sick person, they will very quickly have dull, dehydrated, parched, more reactive skin. The first way to restore radiance to their skin is therefore to adopt a healthiest possible lifestyle “. For that, quit tobacco, junk food, repeated sleepless nights … You do your body good by practicing regular physical activity and taking care of the contents of your plate. Packed with natural antioxidants, fruits and vegetables are the best natural remedies for saying goodbye to a dull complexion and a radiant glow all year round.

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