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Sexuality cannot be fulfilled without a smooth flow of sexual energy. For this, it is essential to put the body and the mind in a state of optimal receptivity. Pilar Lopez, a sophrologist specializing in sexology, will help you.

Small sophrology session

Make yourself comfortable (sitting, lying down, naked, or dressed). Become aware of the points of support of your body (back, buttocks, back of the thighs, feet, etc.), then allow your breathing to calm down. Imagine that with each exhalation, you dig a little more the imprint of your body in the support (bed, chair, sand…).

Relax every part of your body

The head. Let go of your scalp, forehead, and face. Describe your eyebrows; your jaw spread your tongue in your mouth. Without trying to name them, imagine that you collect all the parasitic thoughts that spin in your mind and expel them with each powerful exhale. Clear your head like this until you feel it light.

The neck-shoulders-arms-hands area. Relax your neck and neck (moving your head if necessary), relax your arms. A quick tip: imagine your shoulder blades sliding down your back. Then gather your tensions and release them by exhaling vigorously.

The rib cage area. Release your chest and upper back muscles as if you opened a window to let in the sun. Air the heart and lungs with ample and fluid breathing. This area is symbolically linked to effects and love. Gather in thought the emotions and bonds that burden you or restrict you, and get rid of them while exhaling.

The abdomen area. Release your abs and lower back muscles. Imagine that your bowels relax and become relatively smooth. This part of the body is related to our identity, our resources, our self-confidence. Gather your complexes, your doubts, your brakes, and expel them while exhaling.

The pelvis-buttocks-legs-feet area. Relax your entire lower body, along with your genitals and pelvic muscles, right down to your toes. This part of the anatomy symbolically represents our anchoring in the material world (pleasures, sensoriality). Gather the thoughts preventing you from blossoming in this dimension and then release them with powerful exhalations.

Appreciate the overall relaxation you feel then (if stray voltages remain, do not hesitate to repeat the exhalations until they disappear). Listen carefully to the feelings of well-being provided by a calm body and mind. To be done regularly.

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