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Why can the Mediterranean diet make you lose weight?

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The Mediterranean diet is, above all, a healthy diet. Because it rebalances the diet with unlimited fruits and vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, it is also the key to safe weight loss—the explanations of a dietician. The Mediterranean diet has its followers all over the world. Voted for its health benefits, it helps fight against cardiovascular disease, promotes […]

What are the staple foods of the Mediterranean diet?

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Colors and variety, more plants, fewer animals, and nothing ultra-transformed are the main lines of the Mediterranean diet – or Cretan diet. Here is, in detail, how to benefit from its advantages for the bar and health daily. The Mediterranean diet is today the benchmark healthy diet. This diet especially emphasizes cereal- legume associations and gives little room to […]

What are the virtues of the Mediterranean diet?


Characterized by an incredible richness in plants and significant moderation in animal products, the Mediterranean diet stands out today as the model to follow. Discover its secrets and, thanks to the advice of our experts, find the line and the form without sacrificing the pleasure. The Mediterranean diet is full of promise. Also called the Cretan […]