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Spirulina: what are the health benefits of this algae?


Spirulina is a blue-green microalga that contains a wealth of nutrients. It has many health benefits. It is also a beautiful ally and can be used even in the kitchen. What are the advantages of this food supplement? How much to take spirulina? Are there any contraindications? The answers of our expert. What is spirulina? […]

Mushroom season 2021: tips for safe picking

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Ceps, chanterelles, boletus … It’s time to take advantage of the weekends to go into the forest with your basket under your arm, especially since the 2021 mushroom season is particularly early. To prevent poisoning related to the consumption of inedible mushrooms, here are the prevention tips to follow. Fall is mushroom season. This year, […]

8 good reasons to eat avocado

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According to American author David Zinczenko, good for health, slimming ally, appetite suppressant … avocado has significant nutritional benefits. If like me, you feel guilty about how many calories you are eating while finishing a whole bowl of guacamole, it’s your lucky day! Because David Zinczenko, American author of the book Eat it to beat it  ! […]

What are the health and beauty benefits of flax seeds?

Top 8 Amazing Health Beauty Benefits of Flax Seeds Dr MD Health

Flax seeds are a trend on our plate and in our beauty products. Can they help us lose weight, fight constipation, hydrate our skin? In what form to consume them and in what quantity? The answers of our expert, dietician-nutritionist.  Origin: where do flax seeds come from? Flax seeds come from flax (Linum Usitatissimum), a plant […]

What are fermented foods?

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If we take the example of a cabbage left in the open air, it will eventually rot. Cut and placed in a jar filled with water and salt; it will ferment and become sauerkraut. Fermentation is, above all, a means of preservation that concerns a vast category of food: fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes, meats, fish, […]


10 Keys to a Healthy Diet 2

Making the transition to healthy eating isn’t always easy when you learn and incorporate new habits into your life. Because this is not a passing diet or a short-term goal: healthy eating is a lifelong commitment that directly affects your physical and mental health. That’s why it’s so important to do it right, slowly, and safely. We […]