Makeup tutorial: one minute for expert concealer makeup!


Your best friend? The concealer. Since the arrival of the baby, it is essential. But are you sure you are applying it well? Discover the tips of Patrick Lorentz, makeup artist Estée Lauder, to camouflage your dark circles like a pro … In one minute!

In addition to the arrival of Baby, there is the much less pleasant one of dark circles. But if we can not prevent them from appearing (thank you for the choppy nights), we can, on the other hand, camouflage them. And it is by providing the correct dose of hydration and concealer; we will obtain natural and long-lasting makeup. We asked Patrick Lorentz, senior makeup artist Estée Lauder, for advice to achieve this bluff effect. He thus showed Diane, our model and young mother for two months, how to pretend after a too-short night in less than a minute!

And his first tip is simple: never use his pure concealer on the entire ring because it gives thickness and substance. To avoid this unsightly appearance, mix your eye contour treatment * with your concealer *. To do this, take a little material and place it on the back of our hand. Repeat the operation with the concealer, then mix everything before applying it to the entire ring with a brush (on your finger, you would have too much material, so forget). The right dose? The equivalent of a pinhead around the eyes and two for concealer.

The second step is to camouflage the delicate areas. And this time, the pure concealer comes into play. Its mission: to hide the small blue vein visible from the eyebrow, in the inner corner of the eye, near the nose. This is where you will need to apply it before tackling crow’s feet which, for many of us, is an often red area of ​​irritation, the result of too vigorous makeup removal. 

Finally, the last step aims to bring volume and light to the eye area. To achieve it, take your light brush and draw a small C in the inner corner and a large C from the brow bone to the top of the cheekbone. A tactical place that should not be neglected: with age, it tends to widen! Blend the whole.

You’ve finished your concealer makeup and (almost) gained the effect of a good night’s sleep! And if Baby is still sleeping, you can now move on to contouring …

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