How to make up your eyes when you wear glasses?


The question of the moment: how to properly make up your eyes when you wear glasses, and wearing the protective mask keeps drawing attention to your eyes, or when Baby is playing with our frames? The answers of Sabrina, make up artist Un jour, un regard à Paris.

Just because you’re wearing prescription glasses doesn’t mean you have to give up makeup. On the contrary, your frame imposing itself as the flagship element of your face draws attention to yours. There is, therefore, no question of neglecting it!

On the other hand, there are a few rules to follow: better avoid tone-on-tone colors (green eyes, green glasses, green makeup, for example) which tarnish the look, and glitter makeup, which creates reflections with mirrors. For the rest, remember a simple rule: the shape of your eye and the correction of the lenses take precedence over the design of the frame

Glasses makeup: when you’re short-sighted

Having glasses when you’re nearsighted means wearing concave lenses that make your eyes look smaller than they are. The goal with makeup is going to be to open your eyes. So we avoid the dark pencil on the mucous membranes because it will close the eyes. Choose a beige pencil (but not white) or pastel tones. It is only at the level of the eyelashes that you can apply black pencil, that is to say, between the eyelashes and not on the eyelid as we do with an eyeliner.

Glasses makeup: when you’re hyperopic

Do you suffer from hyperopia? Your spectacle lenses are convex, and therefore thicker in the center than at the edges. They have the effect of enlarging or even around your eyes. The goal with your makeup? Lengthen your gaze to counter the magnifying effect. To do this, opt for a line on the mobile eyelid, which you will slightly protrude from it. You can also play with the color gradients by darkening the outer corner of the eye to structure the look.

Eyeglass makeup: when you are astigmatic

The eyes of astigmatic people appear small due to the concave lenses. Therefore, it is essential to intensify the eye contour with eyeshadows stretched with a brush, for example, on the exterior, to lengthen the eyes.

Eyeglass makeup: eyelid size

Do you have little space on your eyelids? Forget them and work on the eyebrow area, shading lightly at the arch (between the bone and the eyebrow). If you wish, you can complete this makeup with a bit of kohl between the lashes. On the other hand, if you have round or protruding eyes, do not use dark-colored eyeshadows on the eyelids. I prefer very natural colors, and to support the look, use pencil flush with the eyelashes. Finally, if your eye is small and flat, pretend it is with a line of eyeliner to enlarge the gaze and open the eye. 

Glasses makeup: the case of the eyebrows

The trend has been towards wide glasses in recent years, partly or even totally hiding the eyebrows. However, it is essential to have your eyebrows worked because there are times during the day when you will take off your glasses if only to clean them. And unless you have very long bangs, your eyebrows will no longer be camouflaged. The eyebrows are the expression of the gaze, so don’t neglect them. And also, think about when you will change frames, suddenly revealing this hitherto discreet line.

Eyeglass makeup: dark circles in the sights

You were wearing glasses highlights … Dark circles! Do not forget to camouflage them with a product such as Blemish from Face Stockholms (tinted cream-gel) in the morning and touch up as soon as necessary. Avoid foundation, which can quickly leave unsightly marks. And if you have effects on the ridges of the nose, there is only one solution: massage this area regularly and take care to check your frame; perhaps it is too tight.

Eyewear makeup: traces of mascara

No, long lashes don’t just have benefits. When a veil of mascara curves them, they rub and dirty the glasses’ lenses. To avoid this, go to an institute for eyelash enhancement. This technique consists of working the tips of the eyelashes to curl them. And if you don’t have the time or the means (count around 60 €), occasionally using an eyelash curler may be a good solution.

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