How do you find the “right” partner?

How to choose the right partner

Are you tired of stringing together romantic relationships on fixed-term contracts or one-night stands? How to find the “right” partner.

Lonely heart looking for a soul mate? Good”? The big love? To put you on the right path (that of love that lasts forever), we have put together our advice to find the partner you need.

Finding the right one: preparing the ground

The first step in “finding the right one” is to prepare the ground. We do not throw ourselves body and soul searching for the ideal partner without a minimum of preliminary work.

  • Step 1: take stock of the “ex”

Relentless observation: you have not yet got your hands on the right man for you. After many broken hearts and many sentimental resentments, the time has come to find something that fits.

Because you wouldn’t want to run into a womanizer, mommy’s, or homebody all over again, you don’t have to rush and run around in search of the new soul. 

Before going hunting for Prince Charming, a quick assessment and a little introspection are in order. The goal? Clearly define what you are looking for. Who better than your “ex” to help you?

  • Step 2: draw a robot portrait.

It’s time to let go of that disenchanted romantic past and learn from your old relationships. To do this, all you need to do is make three key lists: first, with the essential qualities, you are looking for in your future lover.

Be realistic all the same; Prince Charming does not run the streets. In your second list, put the characteristics of your “ex”: what attracted you to them, their common points, their positive sides, their dark side, their skills in bed, their degree of kindness, their potential “bad boy,” nothing should be left to chance.

Finally, in the 3rd list, write the crippling faults in black and white. With these requirements set, the robot portrait drawn up, you are a little more enlightened on the man’s background who would suit you perfectly. All that remains is to get it in shape and meet it. 

Find the right one: meet it.

If you think you are lying slump on your couch while waiting for the man to come to your door, you are on the wrong track. You have to go and meet it, test it and if it turns out to be the right one, above all, never let go. Easier said than done, of course.

In any case, there is no shortage of potential meeting places. Many places are loaded with testosterone: at your job, in bars, in restaurants, in the streets. Look around you. Above all, stay tuned and increase your chances of meeting people. 

  • Step 3: try your hand at wild casting.

Thanks to speed dating, we put all the chances on our side to meet Prince Charming, and we are no longer satisfied with a single potential candidate. This “fast love” formula allows you to have ten face-to-face in the space of 10 minutes. Many bars and restaurants are fond of these kinds of events. A beautiful seduction operation made up in wild casting, which could end in an extraordinary meeting.

It cannot be said enough; the web allows you to connect with others. For the shyest, the busiest, the most daring, dating sites, although virtual, create genuine relationships. More and more dating sites are developing the concept of dating by psychological affinities: a simple questionnaire establishes your profile and determines your compatibility with registered males.

However, vigilance is called for: a few “serial dredgers” hang out on the net searching for fresh flesh. Know how to read between the lines and thwart their trap. 

  •  Step 4: try everything for everything.

Nothing conclusive on the virtual love market? The hunter that you have not caught in her nets the beautiful male hoped for? Let’s go to plan M like Marriage. Invited to this romantic event, let yourself be won over by this atmosphere tinged with love, and above all, place yourself in the front row to catch the bride’s bouquet, a lucky charm.

If there is no union insight around you, why not invest in a dog? Don’t we say he’s man’s best friend? With your new doggie, could you give it a go? When you walk him, take strategic routes: football field, park … with him, you will not lack flair to find Prince Charming.

Finding the right one: adopting selective sorting

Just because you are alone does not mean you are desperate. It is out of the question to lower your expectations and accept the first comer on the pretext that he loves knitting, like you, or that his stamp collection easily rivals yours.

It is also out of the question to fail a potential candidate for the post of Prince Charming on the pretext that his hair mass is below that which you tolerate. Remember that appearances can sometimes be deceiving. It is by deepening a relationship a little more that you will learn to identify your target.

  • Step 5: continue to believe in it

Leave a door open to chance, mystery, and luck. After all, to love is to risk.

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