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18 essential oils to lose weight naturally

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To lose the stomach gently but effectively, aromatherapy is an exciting option. But which essential oils to favor in case of bloating, cellulite, abdominal muscle relaxation? Expert answers. Mandarin, lemon, grapefruit or even tarragon, peppermint, Criste-marine… Essential oils are precious to give a “little boost” when you want to get rid of a few extra […]

Find a flat stomach with these 10 days of menus

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Fat burner, easy to digest, satiating and tasty: here are ten days of menus to destock around the stomach in just ten days. Thanks to well-chosen and easy-to-digest foods, you no longer need to unbutton your pants at the end of meals! Gilles Dreux, the dietitian at the Carnac thalassotherapy center, developed these unique flat […]

Remarkable men: find a flat stomach in two weeks

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The problem of a flat stomach does not only concern women; men also seek to lose their gut. To achieve this in a brief period, we suggest you review your diet—no sports and exercises of any kind here, just an effective diet over 14 days. The menus low in fats and sugars developed by the […]

Muscle your belly thanks to Chrono nutrition

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You have extra pounds, and your stomach is lacking in tone. Chrononutrition, developed by Dr. Delabos, can help you muscle it up. Discover the three flagship food groups to focus on. Why is your belly lacking in the tone? For Dr. Delabos, “you are certainly far too vegetarian and not enough carnivorous. Either you favor starches and grains […]

Have a flat stomach: Weight Watchers tips

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Weight Watcher’s “New Approach” helps you avoid the pitfalls of summer and lose that little belly. Put into practice the advice of our dietitians-nutritionists! Here are the most frequent temptations of the summer and the good reflexes to get around them while keeping the pleasure of eating. Keep a meal rhythm Going to bed late, […]

Microbiota diet: 7 flat stomach reflexes to adopt

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Slimming by taking care of your intestine is the principle of the microbiota diet. Deflate and destock with anti-bloating foods that are also good for the figure. Balanced and low in calories, this diet gives pride of place to foods that are good for the figure and our intestinal flora, now called the microbiota. After […]

Diet without FODMAPs: which anti-bulge foods to choose?

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Both health and slimming, the diet without FODMAPs consists of eliminating foods containing certain poorly digestible sugars. Not only will you lose a few pounds, but you will feel better in your stomach. This program is based on the fact that there is a relationship between certain sugars, FODMAPs, and functional digestive disorders. A relationship validated […]