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Get to know yourself

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How does your desire progress? How does your pleasure come about? Without an intimate knowledge of oneself, it isn’t easy to develop fully with the other—a small initiatory journey to better identify your areas of shadow and light. Show your film Exercise of Pilar Lopez, a sophrologist is specializing in sexology. Erotic daydreams are a […]


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Sexuality cannot be fulfilled without a smooth flow of sexual energy. For this, it is essential to put the body and the mind in a state of optimal receptivity. Pilar Lopez, a sophrologist specializing in sexology, will help you. Small sophrology session Make yourself comfortable (sitting, lying down, naked, or dressed). Become aware of the […]

The 10 secrets of great sex

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It’s time to forget: the constraints, the resentments, the frustrations, the habits. To write, in the lightness of time, regained a new page in your intimate history. More joyful, more accessible, more sensual, more creative. What is fulfilling sexuality? There are endless answers to this question. But no doubt only one will be unanimous: the […]

When desire makes you beautiful

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Naked under his eyes, under his hands, we are vulnerable—conscious, more than ever, of our inevitably imperfect body. And yet, the loving gaze of the other has the power to make us accept, if not forget, what we like least about ourselves. “I didn’t like my legs, which I found heavy and badly shaped,” says […]

What is behind our erotic dreams

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Are your nights full of erotic visions? Or, on the contrary, of rabbits frolicking under a soft orange light? No hasty conclusion when it comes to erotic dreams, warns psychoanalyst Tristan-Frédéric Moir. The more sensual universe of the two may not be what you think… Explanations. Psychologies: Do Sexual Dreams Have Sexual Meaning? Not necessarily. It […]

What Do You Feel – Focusing On Positivity When Emotions Are Strong

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We all know that staying positive through tough times can help us in the long run, but it’s often a lot easier said than done! When emotions are high, our mind can quickly go into ‘fight or flight mode, losing the ability to remain calm, take back control, and make decisions with a cool head. […]