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How do you find the “right” partner?

How to choose the right partner

Are you tired of stringing together romantic relationships on fixed-term contracts or one-night stands? How to find the “right” partner. Lonely heart looking for a soul mate? Good”? The big love? To put you on the right path (that of love that lasts forever), we have put together our advice to find the partner you […]

What a man looks at in a woman the first time

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Between a few sweet words and languid glances, he lingered on many details! Here are the nine things men spot when they first meet. Hundreds of studies have appeared on the subject: men and women don’t dwell on the exact details when they meet someone. To put the odds on your side, we disclose what […]

Romantic date ideas in winter

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Whether it’s your first or your 20th date, we give you five activity ideas for a date in winter. Each season has its type of meeting! And this winter, we offer you five activities for couples to warm up … and more if you like. An afternoon at the ice rink It is one of […]

In the heads of today’s singles

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Stigmatized, caricatured but rarely heard, single women still suffer from largely unfounded clichés. But what do the main stakeholders think? We (re) give them the floor. “To be single? It’s awesome! I’ve been alone for three years, and I never thought I would like it so much.” From the start Anna *, 30, sets the […]