Have a flat stomach: Weight Watchers tips

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Weight Watcher’s “New Approach” helps you avoid the pitfalls of summer and lose that little belly. Put into practice the advice of our dietitians-nutritionists!

Here are the most frequent temptations of the summer and the good reflexes to get around them while keeping the pleasure of eating.

Keep a meal rhythm

Going to bed late, getting up late, having breakfast at 10 or 11 in the morning, then two hours later, we continue with lunch. It does not go well!

The situation to be managed: two meals too close to time.

The right thing to do: if you get up late, eat a light breakfast and move lunch around 2 pm. Another solution is to opt for a brunch and a small snack around 4 pm.

My flat stomach tip: we think of putting on the table dairy products enriched in Bifidus to improve intestinal transit and avoid bloating. And to keep the line, we prefer yogurts or 20% plain white cheese rather than cooked cheese, which is heavy to digest.

Watch out for the hearty breakfast.

On vacation, we have more time. So, we accompany coffee or tea, fruit, pastries, and cold meats or cheese for some.

The situation to be managed: a breakfast much more generous than usual!

The right reflex: we lighten lunch by preparing a good dish of vegetables and whitefish. They are rich in vitamins and fibers, which quickly bring a feeling of satiety. And we forget the starter-main-dessert formula.

My flat stomach tip: by increasing our fiber consumption, we fight against constipation, responsible for bloating. This summer, we take advantage of eggplant, green beans, sweet corn, peas … And above all, we eat slowly, chewing well to avoid swallowing air and bloating.

Have fruit for dessert

The dessert menu is long and tempting. And what to say when it comes to a buffet… Because even if they are offered in small portions, it ends up making a big one!

The situation to be managed: the multitude of gourmet and caloric desserts.

The right reflex: “we choose a pastry made with fruit rather than a chocolate cake, advises Pascale Joly, dietician-nutritionist. That we may take after a cottage cheese if we have a strong appetite. “

Stop regional specialties!

Basque cake, sugar pie, crunchies, pastis… The list goes on.

The situation to be managed: succumb to the discovery of new flavors every day.

The right reflex:

  • We choose the regional specialty that we want to taste.
  • We taste it once.
  • If not, we buy the others at the end of the holidays to taste them and share them with family and friends on the way home.

My flat stomach tip: among the specialties, we prefer the less fatty ones which are digested better.

A balanced snack at the beach

“Bonbon, eskimo, iced chocolate…” The street vendor walks the beach every afternoon, and the children beg you to buy them chocolate, vanilla ice cream, or a donut. For them, no problem, they spend their day in the water and exert themselves, but you …

The situation to be managed: the 4 pm ice cream as an institution.

The right thing to do: prepare your afternoon snack before heading down to the beach. After all, you are entitled to it. Slip something you like (a cereal bar, a small airtight box of diced melon, or watermelon with a small pick …).

Occasionally, we treat ourselves to ice cream or a few churros so as not to be frustrated.

On a picnic, choose the right toppings.

Tomorrow’s program is a day at the beach. It is necessary to plan the lunch. The easy way is chips, sausage, sodas, and cookies. The children are thrilled! But for nutritional balance, there is better.

The situation to be managed: the nutritional imbalance of a picnic.

The excellent reflex: the chips are okay, but a small package, no more. Then, so as not to frustrate anyone, everyone can choose their sandwich filling.

With the sausage, pâté, or rillette sandwich, we prefer wholemeal bread-tuna-raw vegetables, a ham-butter, a chicken-tomato-salad … You can take a little cream cheese rich in water and therefore less fatty.

And we finish with seasonal fruits: apricots, peaches… Without forgetting, water to hydrate well. You can flavor it by sliding a slice of lemon and a few mints leaves into the bottle.

Play sports yes, eat more no.

Ice cream for afternoon tea, a cocktail in the evening on the terrace… In summer, we can do everything we can by swimming and shopping by bike.

The situation to be managed: believing that we can let go and that food temptations will be compensated.

The right thing to do is to practice a sport that you don’t do the rest of the year, and above all to take advantage of summer fruits and vegetables, which have an abridged season.

My flat stomach tip: rather than sitting down on the terrace of a cafe, we offer a digestive stroll on the beach, for example.

Opt for a slimming aperitif

We meet with friends, and the aperitif continues …

The situation to be managed: the little things to eat are often fatty.

The right thing to do: we offer cherry tomatoes, apple crisps, melon wrapped in Parma ham …

If we are invited, we set ourselves limits. We also make the right choices: 10 green olives are equivalent to only 4 black olives, and the tapenade is less caloric than the trauma …

Before, you can drink a bowl of soup or bite into a piece of fruit to be less hungry. We favor fruit and vegetable juices, light sodas …

My flat stomach tip: if you want to prepare canapes, “we swap the bread with slices of black radish which detoxifies the body,” says Pascale Joly.

On the barbecue, eat the properly grilled meats.

Getting together around a barbecue is always convivial and requires little time in the kitchen. But, in terms of food balance, the barbecue is a critical moment. You help yourself as the food cooks, so you never feel like you have a full plate. In reality, we eat twice as much!

The situation to be managed: making the wrong choices of grills because they are very tempting.

The right thing to do: swap chipolatas, merguez, and other sausages with chicken breasts, fish fillets, or skewers, for example. And we accompany them with small grilled vegetables, also for their fiber and vitamin contribution.

My flat stomach tip: remove the skin from poultry, it is even more digestible, and we offer sauces made with curry-flavored curry, fresh herbs, Espelette pepper … much lighter and just as tasty as mayonnaise or béarnaise.

Limit vegetable salads

With mixed salads, we have the impression of eating light. But if it includes bacon and mayonnaise, it is richer than a green bean steak!

The situation to be managed: believing that you eat thanks to salads lightly.

The right reflexwhen you want to make a “salad meal,” you can compose it with satiating but low-calorie foods (ex: 200 g of cooked pasta + 50 g of peeled shrimps + cherry tomatoes and zucchini tagliatelle + basil leaves + 1 teaspoon of olive oil).

Complete the meal with 100 g of 20% cottage cheese and raspberries. Another variation: replace the bacon with bacon or the tuna in oil with tuna in its natural state.

My flat stomach tip: “Alternate raw and cooked vegetables, because the fibers of raw vegetables that have not been tenderized by cooking are more irritating,” explains Véronique Liégeois. The young salad shoots are also easier to digest. “

I prefer meals from the supermarket to those from the caterer or fast food.

A real vacation is when you do nothing. So you are on the kitchen strike! The result, one evening it’s pizza, the next day the caterer of the seaside resort (you have spotted its appetizers à la Reine and its salmon shells with mixed vegetables), and finally the “Chinese take-away.” With this type of dish, you cannot control the fat intake.

The situation to be managed: fattier and more caloric deli dishes.

The right reflex: we buy ready-made, but rather in supermarkets where we can choose according to nutritional information.

And if not, at the pizzeria, we tend instead to the Neapolitan, the margarita, or the four seasons.

We eat Peking duck and rice at the Chinese caterer rather than pork with sweet and sour sauce and sautéed noodles.

Avoid alcohol after dinner.

It’s nice to extend evenings on the terrace with family or friends and enjoy the fresh evening air. For this “after,” the list of cocktails is long and tempting.

The situation to be managed: the amount of sugar in alcoholic beverages.

The right reflex: we forget the herbal tea, not very glamorous in summer, but we think of Perrier lemon. It quenches thirst, and, in addition, the bicarbonate helps to digest.

My flat stomach tip: avoid iced teas, believing they are doing the right thing because store-bought ones are rich in sugar. “Watch out for alcohol taken in the evening! At night you spend less energy, so it makes you gain weight more easily,” says Pascale Joly.

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