Haircare for greasy roots and dry ends

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Deep cleansing shampoo for oily hair will make the ends of your hair drier, and a heavy mask will potentially make your hair look oily. Fortunately, we have the solution! Small changes in hair care can end the mixed hair dilemma. With the proper hair care, you can avoid greasy hairlines and dry ends in the long term.

Causes of dry hair end

Some hair types are naturally drier, be it genetic or hormonal reasons. This phenomenon is typically found in curly hair because the natural fat takes longer to get from the scalp over the hair shaft to the ends of the hair. The result? The ends of the hair are dried, and the hair oil remains on the scalp. 

Dry hair can also be the result of hair damage. Most of us like heat styling, dyeing, and chemical treatments. However, styling and coloring too often can damage hair health. Here are some tips on what to do with greasy hairlines and dry ends. 

Less heat 

Nobody expects you to do without straightening irons and curling irons. Nevertheless, it would help if you used styling equipment consciously.

Lower the temperature of your devices to reduce the stress on your hair and use the “cool” function whenever possible. Maybe you can do without styling equipment for a few days? Your hair will be grateful to you for the break! 

Brush gently 

Be gentle with your hair when you brush it. Vigorous pulling can reduce the health of your hair – especially if your hair is tangled.

You should also never brush your wet hair because it is most sensitive when it is wet. It could tear or break under tension. 

What to do with greasy hairlines and dry ends

Finding the right balance for oily scalp and dry tips is easier than you think. The key is to care for your hairline and ends differently and not make one problem worse by treating the other. A too-aggressive shampoo will condition your oily hairline, but it will damage the dry ends even more. Some products contain just the right ingredients for your mixed hair. Please find out more and change your hair care routine with our expert tips to get healthy hair and the right balance in a short time. 

Shampoo for the entire hair 

Would you like to know which shampoo is best for oily hairlines and dry ends?

Invest in a cleansing shampoo that doesn’t have too many moisturizing ingredients. The shampoo was developed for oily hair and limited the greasiness at the hairline by removing impurities and gently building up the hair. The perfect combination: deep cleansing and nutrients. Exactly what you need for your mixed hair! 

Here’s a tip to keep your hair healthy: Apply the shampoo to your hairline and massage into the areas of hair that are the most greasy and have the most residue. Then, work your way into the mid-lengths and ends of your hair before rinsing the hair. This will avoid knots and unnecessary rubbing of your hair. 

Do you want to make sure that your shampoo can solve your hair problem? Make sure you’re doing what’s best for your hair, and read our guide on choosing the right shampoo for your hair type. 

A scalp scrub could help keep your scalp healthy. Treat yourself to an Exfoliator and massage it gently into the ends of your wet hair before shampooing it. You can also ask your hairdresser for this different treatment the next time you visit.

Care from the ends of the hair upwards 

An intensive cure is beneficial for every hair type. Even if your hair starts to feel greasy at the roots, the tips should be groomed for health and suppleness, especially when subjecting your hair to heat styling or coloring. 

Massage the formula into the ends of your hair (the driest part of your hair) before spreading it from the ends of your hair into the middle lengths of your hair. Massage in a downward motion to close the cuticle.

Never apply intensive care to the hairline, as this will make your hair look even greasier – which you want to avoid! 

It would help if you started by applying a coin-sized amount of each product. This amount should be enough for fine hair. If you have thicker hair, you should adjust the amount of intensive treatment accordingly. 

Soothe the ends of your hair with drying oil 

Who said that intensive care is only suitable for the shower? However, if you have dry tips on an oily scalp, you know only too well that the recommendations in particular need moisture at any time of the day – more often on sunny days or in extreme weather conditions. You want to avoid oil on a greasy hairline, but the brittle ends of your hair soak it up immediately and thus get the nutrients they deserve. The Pantene Pro-V Repair & Care Vitamin E Oil with Vitamin E is particularly suitable for brittle, dry tips – it is absorbed quickly, nourishes, and has a feather-light texture that gives liveliness and bounce without weighing the hair down. It also protects your hair ten times more against damage *. 

Carry it in your pocket and add moisture to the hair on the go when it gets dry – since you only put it on the ends of your hair, it won’t make the hairline greasy. Bye-bye dryness! 

Fortunately, greasy hairlines and dry ends don’t mean the end of the world for you and your hair. If you follow these valuable tips in your hair care routine, your hair will soon find the right balance again for more “Great Hair Days” every day.

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