Green eyes makeup


You still spend long hours looking at makeup tutorials, and yet, you are not sure whether this slightly flashy makeup would suit you … It must be said that depending on the color of your eyes, certain shades are much better than d ‘others.

And your pretty green eyes deserve to find the colors that will make them even more captivating!

The ideal colors to make up green eyes

To highlight your green eyes, it is better to bet on tones close to red that complement green. So opt for pink, purple, lilac, cranberry, eggplant, or even mauve. Associated with a clear base or an off-white, these colors will enlarge your eyes for a most intense effect. If you want to add a touch of softness, all shades of green will suit you perfectly. From khaki to emerald, indulge yourself!

Colors to avoid

When putting on makeup, there are specific colors to avoid, especially with green eyes. Colors that are too cold, for example, are to be forgotten: the idea is to bring in heat to create a beautiful effect of contrast with your eyes.  So forget about ice blues or metallic colors that will dull your eyes. For green, you can afford it but work on your gradient (we’ll explain all of this to you right after). A tone-on-tone solid color can only create an unflattering falling effect.

Our unique makeup ideas for green eyes!

As we told you a little above, the purple colors go perfectly with your eyes. We recommend an iridescent pink base on your mobile eyelid to intensify all this, then gradually add darker and more rich colors. A line of purple eyeliner on your upper and lower lash line, to work with a glitter purple, a little mascara, and voila! If you want to soften your gaze, on the other hand, play the complementarity with a gradient of green. A pale green base lifted by a line of darker eyeliner on the upper lash line, a little intense green eye shadow under the lower lash line, mascara once again, and voila!

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