Green eye makeup: our tips!

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Need a little help to make up your green eyes? We give you some accessible avenues to explore. Get out your brushes and palettes!

The best colors for successful green eye makeup

According to the famous chromatic circle, we were taught that nothing enhanced a color more than its opposite. In terms of makeup, this rule is still valid, only here it is, makeup green eyes would be if we believe this tool, to wear red eyeshadow. In everyday life, it seems a bit hit and miss. It is, therefore, better to go for colors that approach it and which are easier to assume: either plum, purple, or even aubergine tones. In a dark version if you have fair skin, or pastel if you are dark-skinned. If you want smoky makeup, go for dark green (darker than your iris, always) or black.

Apply your makeup well

Are your green eyes relatively small? Create an optical illusion by playing with your eyeshadows. The lightest is reserved for the inner corner of the watch when the darker is to be applied in the outer eyelid crease, which in jargon is called a banana. Stretch it outward to enlarge the gaze. In addition, you can draw a nice contour of the eye at the level of the eyelashes (especially not on the inner mucosa, you would then risk closing your eyes).

Conversely, if you have rather round eyes, apply black kohl on the inner mucosa and make up the upper eyelid in a halo (the darkest color should be at the level of the eyelashes, the yellow pus in the eyelid crease). The banana technique could accentuate the natural roundness of your eyes, so forget it!

Not a fan of eye shadow? Highlight your eyes with a black or dark green pencil to be applied on the mobile eyelid in juxtaposition with the fringe of the eyelashes. Visually, this will give the impression that it is more fleshed out and will lengthen your gaze, provided, of course, not to stop the clear line at the end of the eyelid, but to stretch it while going up slightly. If you are an eyeliner pro, do not hesitate to try purple and brown tones (with a touch of red on the inside, warmer and ideal for green eyes).

Finish your eye makeup with several veils of black mascara. In addition, you can achieve subtle highlights by painting the tips with plum or green mascara.

Two tips to remember.

If you opt for plum tones to make up your green eyes, be careful to work your complexion well. And above all, to hide your dark circles well, because the plum recalls their color … And intensifies them! Find our video tutorial for pro concealer makeup right here.

Light blue and green shades do not enhance green eyes, so it is best to avoid them.

In practice

Discover in the makeup tutorial below an example of a quick makeup for green eyes, developed by July.

– Eye color trio plum 05

– Long-lasting mascara 01 black

– Waterproof eyeliner pencil 05 (to open the eyes)

– Eyeliner pencil 03 (for the lash line)

– Eyebrow powder duo 02

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