Eye makeup: all our tutorials and professional advice, color by color!

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Softness, intensity, good looks … Successful eye makeup can change everything! And because we are not all potential makeup artists, we have decided to compile here the tutorials and tips of those we have met for a look that meets our expectations.

Birthday, Mother’s Day, birth, Christmas … Any occasion is an excellent time to treat yourself to / receive a pretty eyeshadow palette. We imagine ourselves as Pat MacGrath, Tom Pecheux, or Laura Mercier, the undisputed popes and popes of makeup. Only here, between desire and reality, there is often a big gap. However, it is enough to know a few essential tips to properly make up your eyes and ensure in front of the mirror.

Indeed, everything is a question of play between shadow and light, to intensify the gaze or quite simply to enhance it just what is needed. Many combinations are possible; it is merely a question of tailor-made. Your makeup should adjust depending on your eye colorshape, and even your vision correction (if you wear glasses). Because what looks divinely good on your best friend may not be what suits you!

Prepare your eye makeup well beforehand.

Take out the brushes and eye shadows and, once the skin is cleansed, hydrated, and the complexion works, switch to eye makeup. Be careful, do not forget to conceal your dark circles beforehand. To avoid the effects of ungracious matter, do not hesitate to mix your concealer with your eye contour treatment. And don’t forget that a concealer is always applied after foundation, with a brush, or with a few taps with the ring finger if you use makeup on your finger. Once the dark circles are camouflaged (without ignoring the inner corner of the eye, often blue or crow’s feet, usually red), fix the material using a special invisible powder for the contour of the eye. ‘gaze.

As for the eyelids, they also deserve a little preparation. For best effect eye makeup, they must be smooth and luminous, their irregularities erased. Start with a base (a primer) and a touch-up pen such as Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent to unify your eyelid. Alternatively, you can also use your concealer (your best friend’s makeup!).

And let’s go for eye makeup adapted to your desires.

All makeup enthusiasts will tell you: the important thing is to have fun. But to be sure to avoid missteps, it is better to know two to three tips like that of always putting the darkest color last, towards the outside of the eyelid (by setting the light tones inwards, you illuminate your eyes) or the one which consists in not putting a shadow of the same color than your iris, without making at least a small dark line at the bottom of the eyelashes. As for the tones and the right gestures, we invite you to consult the articles below. Makeup tutorials for blue, green, and brown eyes are waiting for you. All of them have been designed for you!

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