Does a hair treatment help with a dry scalp?

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A dry scalp is a common problem. Especially in summer, the heat and sweat that clog the pores can slowly dry out the scalp.

Not only does this cause your scalp to scratch or peel off, but your hair also suffers from a dry scalp. Practically, today, many hair treatments also work against a dry scalp. First and foremost, hair needs to be moisturized, just like the scalp.

The right hair treatments for a dry scalp

Moisture is in the foreground and should not be missed with the proper hair treatment for dry scalp. It is best to supply water in the form of vegetable oils. Although they do not provide moisture directly, they can still be used as an aid and problem solver. The reason is that oil treatments bind the water that has penetrated the hair. In addition, dry and already damaged hair can soak up the oil. Of course, this also has an advantage for the scalp because various ingredients are released to the scalp through the hair. On the other hand, the oil on the skin stores moisture. This means you won’t lose water as quickly, and dry spots won’t show up.

Hair treatments with other fats

In addition to various oils, there are also hair treatments with numerous fats—for example, the fats from coconut milk or a ripe avocado. Aloe Vera is also very popular and also offers some water-soluble vitamins. The practical thing is that these many fats supply the hair with essential minerals and moisture, and care of the scalp. Plus, lubricants can help counteract dry dandruff, pimples, and inflammation. So if you suffer from a dehydrated and sensitive scalp, use hair treatments with different oils. After just a few applications, your scalp will feel healthier and more vital. It is best if you use a hair conditioner in the form of a gel. This has the advantage that it is absorbed three times faster and thus cares for your scalp and hair as quickly as possible.

What should you do without?

Of course, there are also a few little things that you should avoid if you want to treat dry scalps with hair treatment. Hair treatment can only work optimally when played with a good shampoo. So if you use the wrong shampoo, the hair treatment can only help slightly.

You should also shampoo to forego that further dry the scalp. This mainly includes shampoos with silicone. Another tip is not to wash your hair too often. Even in combination with a hair treatment, frequent cleaning can cause the scalp to lose moisture more quickly. Perhaps the scalp feels terrific after the application, but a day later, it dries out again. Therefore, it is better to do it slowly and not overwhelm the scalp.

You should avoid more products if you want a healthy scalp and strong hair with a hair treatment. Primarily styling products can quickly thwart your project. Hairspray, in particular, is the enemy of a healthy scalp. After all, you stick the scalp with the hairspray so that no moisture can be stored. Your scalp dries out quickly. This, in turn, makes your hair look dull and lackluster.

Therefore, avoid using different styling products as often as possible. Bleaching is also not a good idea because the scalp is highly damaged. Temporary irritations can occur. Redness or annoying scalp itching are also not uncommon. Especially after bleaching, you must take care of your scalp and hair with a smoothing hair treatment.

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