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Facial yoga: what exercises relax facial features?

Anti Aging Facial Exercises

Facial yoga is a natural anti-wrinkle method. In just a few minutes a day, you slow down skin aging and maintain beautiful skin that ages well. All the gestures to get down to facial yoga without further ado. Facial gymnastics is very likely to find a young face and relaxed. This method can be done very well […]

Face cupping, the new anti-wrinkle trend seen on TikTok

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After the Jade roller and the Gua Sha massage, the latest anti-aging trend hits TikTok: face cupping. Discover this natural technique to fight against wrinkles and skin aging… We already know the suction cup to eliminate cellulite. But do you see the suction cup for the face that helps fight wrinkles and the signs of […]

Maintain the radiance of your skin in 6 tips

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Is your skin gray? Don’t panic; there are tips to regain radiance and luminosity quickly! We take stock with dermatologist Elizabeth Bousquet. 1. Moisturize your skin, but not only We often hear it said that hydration is the sine qua non of healthy and luminous skin. “It’s true, you have to apply a cream daily , confirms […]

Focus on cucumber and its benefits for the skin


It’s not just summer salads that can benefit from the freshness of the cucumber, the skin too! Zoom on this cosmetic ingredient with hydrating and astringent properties. Thanks to its freshness and its crunchy side to the bite, cucumber is one of the critical ingredients in summer salads. Composed of 95% water, it is rich in minerals […]

What are the beauty benefits of aloe vera?

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Aloe vera is acclaimed by followers of natural cosmetics for its many beautiful skin properties. But what are its actual benefits, and how can you benefit from them daily? The aloe vera is a succulent plant from aloacées that grows in dry and desert areas. It has been cultivated since Antiquity for its medicinal properties and, above […]

These baking soda beauty tips and recipes


A “Swiss Army knife” ingredient par excellence, baking soda is helpful in many areas, especially beauty! Here are some tips on using it well and making the most of its properties on the skin and hair. Widely used in cooking and preparing “homemade” household products, baking soda is also a real beauty ally! Natural, multi-use, economical and inexpensive, this […]

How to get beautiful skin quickly? Reflexes that do everything

How to Get Glowing Skin within One Week

Do you envy Hollywood stars and their flawless skin? Rest assured, a flawless complexion isn’t just for them. Here are 5 secrets to having beautiful skin naturally. Stress, pollution, sun … Our skin is subjected to numerous daily attacks, altering its quality and accelerating skin aging. Results: imperfections and dull complexions settle on our faces. Fortunately, thanks to […]

Advice from a pro to remove makeup properly and have beautiful skin

92798 Removing Makeup

Makeup removal is an essential step in the skincare routine. Find out everything you need to know to clean your skin properly. If it is gentle punctuation after a hard day, makeup removal is also and above all a crucial step in the beauty routine.  Why remove makeup? Makeup removal is the first skincare step […]