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Tutorial: brown eye makeup in a minute!

One min smokey eye

Do you admire your colleague’s eye makeup, simple and elegant at the same time? In less than a minute, you too can treat yourself to a pretty look by following the advice of our express makeup tutorial, remarkable brown eyes! For lack of time since the arrival of Baby, makeup is nothing more than a […]

Makeup tutorial: one minute for expert concealer makeup!


Your best friend? The concealer. Since the arrival of the baby, it is essential. But are you sure you are applying it well? Discover the tips of Patrick Lorentz, makeup artist Estée Lauder, to camouflage your dark circles like a pro … In one minute! In addition to the arrival of Baby, there is the […]

How to make up your eyes when you wear glasses?


The question of the moment: how to properly make up your eyes when you wear glasses, and wearing the protective mask keeps drawing attention to your eyes, or when Baby is playing with our frames? The answers of Sabrina, make up artist Un jour, un regard à Paris. Just because you’re wearing prescription glasses doesn’t […]

Successful blue eye makeup, instructions for use

maquillage yeux bleus

Do you feel a little lost in front of your eyeshadow palette? Discover our tips for successful blue eye makeup! The best colors for successful blue eye makeup All colors can be worn on the eyes with the correct associations as long as you know the right combinations and assume the most pop. As for […]

Green eye makeup: our tips!

maquillage yeux verts

Need a little help to make up your green eyes? We give you some accessible avenues to explore. Get out your brushes and palettes! The best colors for successful green eye makeup According to the famous chromatic circle, we were taught that nothing enhanced a color more than its opposite. In terms of makeup, this […]

Eye makeup: all our tutorials and professional advice, color by color!

maquillage des

Softness, intensity, good looks … Successful eye makeup can change everything! And because we are not all potential makeup artists, we have decided to compile here the tutorials and tips of those we have met for a look that meets our expectations. Birthday, Mother’s Day, birth, Christmas … Any occasion is an excellent time to treat […]