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Haircare for greasy roots and dry ends

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Deep cleansing shampoo for oily hair will make the ends of your hair drier, and a heavy mask will potentially make your hair look oily. Fortunately, we have the solution! Small changes in hair care can end the mixed hair dilemma. With the proper hair care, you can avoid greasy hairlines and dry ends in […]

Does a hair treatment help with a dry scalp?

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A dry scalp is a common problem. Especially in summer, the heat and sweat that clog the pores can slowly dry out the scalp. Not only does this cause your scalp to scratch or peel off, but your hair also suffers from a dry scalp. Practically, today, many hair treatments also work against a dry scalp. […]

The ultimate hair care guide


Women and hair… It’s like a complicated relationship: we love them, we hate them. We part with them, try something new. And then end up back to the tried and tested. So that “hairy” problems like split ends and the like don’t go to your head, here is our ultimate hair care guide. Wash & […]

Dry hair – how to treat dry hair

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Many people suffer from dry hair at some point in their lives, which applies to both men and women. The causes of dry hair are due to everything from the weather and lifestyle to heredity. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that severe cold, frost, wind, sun, saltwater, and chlorine wear on the hair. The same […]

Dry hair: 5 super practical tips to moisturize it

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Brittle, dull, split ends, challenging to comb… Dry hair accumulates problems. To hydrate them and restore their vitality, following five practical tips. Dry hair is in great need of hydration and nutrition. Without it, they break, dull, and split. They are also very fragile: the scalp does not produce enough sebum to protect them. This makes them […]

What to do? What care for my dry hair?

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Not yet on vacation, and yet your hair is already grilled, to the touch coarse, dull in color, and split ends? Don’t panic; there is no reason to cut everything! And if dry hair is a natural wound between external aggressions and capillary fragility, there are solutions. How to wash them, how to rinse them, […]

Facial yoga: what exercises relax facial features?

Anti Aging Facial Exercises

Facial yoga is a natural anti-wrinkle method. In just a few minutes a day, you slow down skin aging and maintain beautiful skin that ages well. All the gestures to get down to facial yoga without further ado. Facial gymnastics is very likely to find a young face and relaxed. This method can be done very well […]

Face cupping, the new anti-wrinkle trend seen on TikTok

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After the Jade roller and the Gua Sha massage, the latest anti-aging trend hits TikTok: face cupping. Discover this natural technique to fight against wrinkles and skin aging… We already know the suction cup to eliminate cellulite. But do you see the suction cup for the face that helps fight wrinkles and the signs of […]

Maintain the radiance of your skin in 6 tips

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Is your skin gray? Don’t panic; there are tips to regain radiance and luminosity quickly! We take stock with dermatologist Elizabeth Bousquet. 1. Moisturize your skin, but not only We often hear it said that hydration is the sine qua non of healthy and luminous skin. “It’s true, you have to apply a cream daily , confirms […]

Tutorial: brown eye makeup in a minute!

One min smokey eye

Do you admire your colleague’s eye makeup, simple and elegant at the same time? In less than a minute, you too can treat yourself to a pretty look by following the advice of our express makeup tutorial, remarkable brown eyes! For lack of time since the arrival of Baby, makeup is nothing more than a […]