Successful blue eye makeup, instructions for use

maquillage yeux bleus

Do you feel a little lost in front of your eyeshadow palette? Discover our tips for successful blue eye makeup!

The best colors for successful blue eye makeup

All colors can be worn on the eyes with the correct associations as long as you know the right combinations and assume the most pop. As for makeup “accessible” to all (future) moms with blue eyes, some duets are safe values. Which to bet on with your eyes closed (ROH, it’s okay, it’s to see if you call). Thus, warm colors such as orange tones, brown and copper, particularly highlight blue eyes since they are tones opposite to blue on the chromatic circle. “Color absences” like white and black (and by extension gray) are also helpful in highlighting your eyes. 

The right combo for successful blue eye makeup

– You like makeup with a light result, which does not take too much time. You can opt for a uniform warm color (one of those seen above) over the entire eyelid. A line of darker pencil or eyeliner flush with the lashes, a few veils of mascara, and presto! Here you are, ready. To perfect your look, do not forget the eyebrows; style them with a brush. If necessary, fill in the holes with a pencil or even out the line with a colored eyebrow mascara, making them gain volume.

– You want more intense makeup without falling into evening makeup. Apply a light color to the entire eyelid, then a darker tone in the crease (crease), outward (this is called a banana). Stay in the same shades of colors. Thus, if you have opted for a sand color, a brown eye shadow (not too dark) will be a good idea, or a taupe gray eye shadow if you have started with a lighter gray. This will intensify your gaze. But an intense look should not lack luminosity for all that. You can finish with a touch of light via a light shadow, in the inner corner of the eye and under the browbone.

– You want a smoky eye. There are several schools to achieve smoky eye makeup. The most straightforward technique is to trace your eye area with a black or brown pencil, depending on the color of the final smokey you choose. Blend it using the foam tip of your pencil or a flat brush if it doesn’t have one. Then apply your darkest color to the entire eyelid using a flat brush. You can use a jumbo pencil (wide lead) for ease—overlay another dark color, a lighter, iridescent tone, on the outer 2/3 of the eyelid. Finish with a cookie shadow or a highlighter pencil under the brow bone. Finish it off with generous coats of dark mascara.

maquillage yeux bleus smoky1

Whatever makeup you choose, don’t forget to apply a base before setting the material.

The shape and size of the eyes

If your blue eyes seem small to you, you can visually cheat with the famous banana technique. By loading the eyelid’s crease with a dark shadow and stretching it over the fixed eyelid, you will limit the “small eyes” effect, probably due to a too high or too fine eyebrow line. You can also put white kohl inside the lower mucosa to enlarge the look.

Conversely, if you have large eyes, apply dark kohl on the lower mucosa. Another solution: make a vertical color gradient (the reverse of the banana technique): the darkest colors will be located flush with the fringe of the eyelashes, the lightest, towards the eyelid crease.

The received idea

“We do not put makeup the same color as that of the eyes, on the eyelids” this sentence; your cousin repeated it to you 100 times. With so much conviction that the mere sight of blue eyeshadow frightens you. Relax. If blue makes you want to make up your eyes, go for it! It will be enough to draw a black or gray line at the beginning of the eyelashes to create a barrier and emphasize the look.

maquillage yeux bleus 3

If you have a hint of yellow in the iris, it will be all the prettier, since again, the complementary colors will reveal each other.

maquillage yeux bleus bis

 In practice

Discover in the makeup tutorial below an example of makeup for blue eyes to reproduce quickly at home. 

– Eye color trio plum 05

– Long-lasting mascara 01 black

– Waterproof eyeliner pencil 05 (to open the look)

– Eyeliner pencil 03 (for the lash line)

– Eyebrow powder duo 02

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