Dry hair – how to treat dry hair

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Many people suffer from dry hair at some point in their lives, which applies to both men and women. The causes of dry hair are due to everything from the weather and lifestyle to heredity. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that severe cold, frost, wind, sun, saltwater, and chlorine wear on the hair. The same goes for hair color and hair products in general. No one is interested in dry hair with a matte tinge that feels lifeless and breaks easily. However, split and frayed hair ends, and rough and inflexible hair strands can quickly become a thing of the past if you take precautions. This guide presents you with the causes of dry hair and seven tips and tricks on regaining a shiny and powerful man. You can quickly get beautiful hair back with the proper care.

Various things cause dry hair.

As mentioned initially, there are typically different reasons for getting dry hair. However, one of the most common reasons is the weather, which offers Denmark’s changing wind and weather conditions. Especially the winter weather is particularly harsh for the hair due to frost, severe cold, and the significant temperature differences between inside and outside. The air is drier and warmer in summer, which dehydrates the hair, especially with sun and saltwater. In short, the changing wind and weather conditions in Denmark help to wear out the hair and dry it to such an extent that it slowly loses moisture and shine. However, you can also wear on your hair and get dry hair by subjecting it to repeated chemical treatments. This includes hair color, reflections, and permanent. The various chemical treatments open up the cuticle to reach the bark and the hair marrow to change and affect the hair’s structure and color. Hair products also play a role in the causes of dry hair and incredibly infrequent use. Many hair products are created to soften, give shine, give curls or protect the hair from styling by blow-drying or curling irons and flat irons, but not care for the hair. Therefore, it is always an excellent idea to find hair products that contain nourishing ingredients or supplement with healthy hair products. Sulfate, alcohol, silicone, and perfume help create an imbalance in the scalp, affecting the supply of nutrients. It results in many cases in dry hair and dry scalp and the worst case in dandruff. Last but not least, dry hair can also be due to heredity and hair type. People with frizzy and curly hair often tend to have dry hair due to the structure of the hair strands, and if there is a tendency for dry hair in the family, you are typically also more likely to get it.

How to treat dry hair

If you suffer from dry hair, take courage! There is help to be found. By implementing a variety of hair washing and grooming habits, you can go a long way. We give you seven steps with which you can turn the dry and dull curls into a shiny and powerful mane again. Get more tips on how to comb damaged hair in this guide. Let’s start with a real place where you can quickly make an effort.

Use an extra moisturizing shampoo.

It is a good idea to change your current shampoo to provide more moisture and contain nourishing properties. In short, shampoo for dry hair. If you suffer from dehydrated hair, you should even go for a sulfate-free shampoo with a pH value of around 5. The sulfates in a shampoo wash your hair, remove the fat layer in your scalp, and change the pH value. In addition, you should also only wash your hair twice a week, as too many hair washes with products can also dry out your hair in the long run. If you still need several strands washes a week, it is recommended that you rinse it.

Choose a nourishing and moisturizing conditioner.

After you have washed your hair with extra moisturizing shampoo, our following good advice is that you subsequently treat it with a moisturizing and nourishing conditioner/conditioner.

You can both massage the conditioner into the hair ends and rinse it out immediately after. Still, you can also let it sit for a longer time (5-10 minutes) and alternatively apply your towel like a turban or use a bathing cap. The conditioner should only be applied to the hair tips and thus not the entire hair.

In this way, heat will form from the scalp, which speeds up the care process and makes it easier for the caring ingredients to soak into the hair. Use a conditioner that both repairs the hair tips and gives softness and shine.

Use a nourishing hair treatment.

The absolute best way to get rid of your split and frayed tips is by cutting them off. Nevertheless, not everyone wants to resort to this as the first, and therefore the second-best solution is an effective and nourishing hair cure.

Hair cures are created to care for the hair in-depth and not just cosmetically, such as conditioner.

Unlike the conditioner, the hair treatment must be massaged into the entire hair to achieve the best care. You can, in turn, speed up the care process in the same way as with the conditioner by letting it work under a towel or a bathing cap.

The hair treatment can stay in the hair for up to an hour so that the nourishing ingredients come into their own. If you suffer from dehydrated hair, it is recommended that you use hair treatment twice a week.

Let a leave-in conditioner do wonder.

After you have cared for and washed your hair with shampoo, conditioner, and perhaps even a hair treatment, you can take care of it even more by using a leave-in conditioner.

A leave-in conditioner should be massaged into towel-dried hair and should not be rinsed out like a regular conditioner. Before massaging it into the hair, squeeze as much water out of the hair as possible with your towel.

Then you massage your leave-in conditioner into the hair from root to tip and soak up your dry hair product; you can put a little extra in. A leave-in conditioner makes your hair extra resistant and strengthens the hair from the inside.

Remember to use heat-protective hair products.

One of the very worst things you can do against dry hair is to expose it to styling with a blow dryer, a curling iron, or a straightener.

If you still can not do without these styling tools, be sure to protect your hair from heat damage with the help of heat-protective lotions or sprays.

Quickfix and prevent with hair oil

If you want to get instant shine in your hair, you can achieve just that with good hair oil. Not only does it give your locks luster and shine, but it also contains nourishing and nourishing ingredients that help rebuild your damaged hair strands.

Make sure to moisturize your hair every single day

The absolute best way to add dry hair moisture is by using a hair treatment 1-2 times a week. However, you should still make sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and use heat-protective hair products if you use a blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener.

Specifically, you need to attack and care for your hair from all angles.

On the other hand, it is also essential that you comb your hair every day so that the natural hair oils in the scalp are straightened out in the hair and help the hair be shiny and soft.

If you have a worse haystack consisting of dry and split ends, the best advice is to give the dry hair a good cut, so you get rid of it. After this, however, you must take care of it using the above steps so that you avoid having to run involuntarily to the hairdresser within a short time again.

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