Complex ways to lose weight: here are a few

Dangerous ways to lose weight: here are a few

Nutrition experts oppose some “fads” or “trends” aimed at weight loss. What are the dangerous ways people use to lose weight? We talk about it in this space.

The best way to combat unwanted pounds is to train regularly and follow a proper diet. The latter must be composed of all the nutrients distributed in the right measure. Still, some people ignore these excellent habits and opt for dangerous ways to lose weight.

Most nutrition experts oppose this idea of ​​losing weight with strict and restrictive diets, especially when they deprive the body of essential nutrients for its proper functioning. Read on to learn about some dangerous ways to lose weight.

Do you want to lose weight?

There are healthy and less healthy ways to fight extra pounds. Statistics show that a diet based on fruits and vegetables, low in fat and refined sugar (together with regular physical activity ) can help a person lose weight and, above all, maintain a healthy weight over time.

Losing centimeters.

To lose weight quickly, some people are putting their health at risk. It is therefore essential to identify unhealthy ways to lose weight.

However, more and more people are trying to lose weight quickly and with little effort. Undoubtedly a dangerous practice that can lead to unhealthy habits, leading to regaining the lost weight.

Dangerous ways to lose weight

Do you want to know the harmful actions we are talking about? Below, we offer a list of the best known. Take notes and avoid putting them into practice.

Resort to fat burning products

This deceptive “fad” promotes consuming chemicals and herbs that have a “fat burning” effect. The problem is that there are no studies to support their effectiveness. On the contrary, problems associated with their consumption have been recorded. Ephedra, or ma huang, for example, has been banned since 2004.

According to a study conducted by several University of California researchers, it appears to favor heart attacks, brain effusions, hypertensive crises, and seizures.

Eat cotton

Another method that is senseless and dangerous is to swallow cotton balls soaked in a liquid, such as orange juice. The idea is that cotton can take up more space in the stomach, giving a sense of satiety.

As illustrated in an article from the National Library of Medicine of the United States, “balls” of external material form can cause intestinal obstructions. Like when you eat dry hair or vegetables.

Use a patch or tongue bandage.

This unorthodox method was proposed and put into practice by a Californian surgeon, Dr. Chugay. Just as it is also being implemented in some Latin American countries. The technique consists of sewing a membrane of synthetic material on the tongue, which will then be removed after four to six weeks.

The patch hinders (or completely avoids) food consumption due to the pain and discomfort it causes. Meanwhile, to complete this plan, a liquid diet with few calories is followed.

Making yourself vomit: one of the dangerous ways to lose weight

Some people believe that by throwing up what is just ingested, they will reduce the calories consumed and, therefore, they will lose weight. But what is certain is that this practice is a symptom of an eating disorder known as bulimia.

This is why it is essential to assess the people who visit to exclude or diagnose this disease. Dehydration, loss of salts, and damage to the esophagus maybe just some of the side effects caused by this method.

Excess sweating

People think that accumulated fat is a build-up of water. Following this reasoning, they believe that if their body (or part of it) sweats more, they will burn more and lose weight.

For this reason, they apply plastic bandages on the belly or wear plastic clothes. However, this method will not help keep your weight in check and could cause dehydration and significant loss of sodium, chlorine, and potassium through sweat.

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