Romantic date ideas in winter

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Whether it’s your first or your 20th date, we give you five activity ideas for a date in winter.

Each season has its type of meeting! And this winter, we offer you five activities for couples to warm up … and more if you like.

  • An afternoon at the ice rink

It is one of the favorite activities of North American (or Canadian) “romcoms”: the skating rink. The ice rink is the romantic rendezvous par excellence, whether you are an ice skater or a beginner to glide. The search for stability will push you to hold your partner’s hand, and the simple fact of sliding in duet and music will give you incredible sensations.

  • A “Netflix” & hot chocolate evening

Second (very) pleasant activity to share in winter with your partner (or future partner)? There is a warm evening in front of a movie or a “doudou” series while sipping hot chocolate … or Christmas tea. Nestled against each other in a cocoon of well-being, the terrain will be more than conducive to enjoying an intimate and sweet moment for two.

  • A walk in the forest

Do you live near a wood or a park? Do you live in the mountains or near the sea? Take the opportunity to enjoy nature in winter: indeed, nothing like landscapes covered with frost. And like the ice rink, the icy air will push you to warm up in each other’s arms: a magical, helpful, and enjoyable meeting.

  • A trip to the Christmas Market

Another activity to share for two when winter comes? A walk to the Christmas market, of course! The ideal place to immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas, its magnificent lights, its sweet smells of orange, spices, and hot chocolates… pure romance.

  • Dinner at the restaurant

On paper, a candlelit dinner bathed in a thick layer of melted cheese may not be the most seductive plan of all time … And yes, maybe raclette is one of his favorite dishes. avoid at the first meeting… But in reality, there is nothing more pleasant than a moment for two to enjoy a good fondue/tartiflette.

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