Remarkable men: find a flat stomach in two weeks

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The problem of a flat stomach does not only concern women; men also seek to lose their gut. To achieve this in a brief period, we suggest you review your diet—no sports and exercises of any kind here, just an effective diet over 14 days. The menus low in fats and sugars developed by the dietitian Marie-Laure André will help you find a toned and muscular belly.

Losing belly when you’re a man

Is the loss of your little belly a primary goal? Do you want to find a muscular body? This is possible by limiting and favoring certain foods. If men tend to overeat fat and too much sugar, it is on the stomach that the extra pounds will be lodged. Luckily: food rebalancing is often enough to solve the problem.

Eat balanced

No need to put yourself on a strict diet. You have to review your (bad) eating habits in depth.

Concretely, this means providing protein (meat, fish, or eggs) for lunch and dinner, accompanied by a portion of starchy foods and vegetables, a natural dairy product, and a seasonal fruit.

Reduce your intake of fat and sugar

Avoid saturated fats present in fatty meats, cold meats, cheeses, pastries, and cookies.

Watch out for hidden fat reservoirs such as quiches, trauma, breaded fish, or frozen hazelnut apples! Likewise, do not eat too sweet: limit cakes, candies, sodas, ice creams and sorbets, chocolate …

Limit your alcohol consumption

The appetizers, champagne, red wine, rosé, or white contains almost twice as many calories as sugar! In addition, it is transformed into triglycerides, lipids that are lodged in the belly.

Daily, only water is essential to hydrate you.

Special flat stomach menus for men: first week

On Monday

  • Breakfast: black coffee, 4 to 5 rusks, butter, cottage cheese, compote
  • Lunch: lamb’s lettuce, defatted leg of lamb, penne/zucchini, cooked pear
  • Dinner: asparagus vinaigrette, pollack of pollack, wheat, natural yogurt


  • Breakfast: tea, 2 to 3 tr. country bread, butter, yogurt + raspberry coulis
  • Lunch: salted radish, roasted rabbit with herbs, steamed potatoes (150 g) / braised fennel, strawberries
  • Dinner: mushroom omelet, green salad, faisselle 0% mg, one tr. of bread


  • Breakfast: a glass of milk, 2 to 3 tr. rye bread, butter, squeezed orange
  • Lunch: asparagus vinaigrette, roast veal with mushrooms, spaghetti, baked apple
  • Dinner: beef carpaccio with capers, lamb’s lettuce salad + cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese, one tr. of bread


  • Breakfast: mint infusion, 2 to 3 tr. country bread, butter, natural yogurt, pear compote
  • Lunch: salmon in foil, Thai rice and Provençal tomatoes, fruit salad
  • Dinner: tomato gazpacho, ham, courgette fondue, fromage blanc, 1 tr. of bread


  • Breakfast: black coffee, whole wheat cereal, strawberries, plain white cheese
  • Lunch: rice salad with surimi, a skewer of prawns, sautéed carrots, applesauce
  • Dinner: salad of baby spinach leaves, omelet with asparagus tips, stirred yogurt, one tr. of bread.


  • Breakfast: coffee, 2 to 3 tr. cereal bread, gruyère, compote
  • Lunch: potato salad with chives, grilled beef tournedos, zucchini mash, pear
  • Dinner: cold roast beef + mustard, braised endives, plain white cheese, one tr. of bread


  • Breakfast: red fruit tea, 2 to 3 tr. country bread, butter, stirred yogurt, applesauce.
  • Lunch: grated carrots with yogurt sauce, roast turkey, shells in tomato sauce, baked banana
  • Dinner: arugula salad, beef brochette with paprika, yogurt, one tr. of bread

Special flat stomach menus for men: second week

On Monday

  • Breakfast: mint green tea, 4 to 5 rusks, margarine, natural yogurt, strawberries
  • Lunch: veal cutlet with mushrooms, spaghetti, apple peach compote
  • Dinner: ham omelet, lamb’s lettuce, natural yogurt, one tr. of bread


  • Breakfast: coffee with milk, 2 to 3 tr. wholemeal bread, Comté, pear compote
  • Lunch: tomato with basil, grilled ostrich steak, wheat with mushrooms, pan-fried strawberries with mint
  • Dinner: asparagus vinaigrette, minced steak 5% mg, mashed potatoes (150 g), stirred yogurt.


  • Breakfast: black coffee, 2 to 3 tr. rye bread, butter, Fromage blanc, strawberries
  • Lunch: red beets vinaigrette, roast beef, spaghetti with tomato sauce, baked apple
  • Dinner: lamb’s lettuce salad, turkey skewers, Vichy carrots, cottage cheese, one tr. of bread


  • Breakfast: red fruit tea, whole wheat cereal, 1/2 skimmed milk, compote
  • Lunch: green salad, roast chicken with rosemary, steamed potatoes + a drizzle of olive oil, lychees in syrup
  • Dinner: Provençal-style soy steak, sautéed zucchini, plain petits-suisse, 1 tr. of bread


  • Breakfast: black coffee, 2 to 3 tr. toast, butter, yogurt, strawberries
  • Lunch: cucumber with mint, rabbit in foil, tagliatelle, baked apple
  • Dinner: salmon carpaccio with dill, mixed salad (potato + diced ham + palm hearts + hard-boiled egg), Gisselle


  • Breakfast: coffee, 2 to 3 tr. country bread, butter, Fromage blanc, compote
  • Lunch: tabbouleh with mint, fillet of dab in the oven, Provencal tomatoes, strawberries
  • Dinner: asparagus vinaigrette, chicken breast marinated in ginger, petite-Suisse, one tr. of bread


  • Breakfast: lime green tea, 4 to 5 rusks, butter, stirred yogurt, squeezed orange.
  • Lunch: mixed salad: wheat, lamb’s lettuce, chicken livers, mushrooms, cooked pear
  • Dinner: omelet with herbs, salad, yogurt, one tr. of bread

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